The Art of Blending

Our family has a proud history of providing the finest coffees and teas since 1913.

Flavor and Experience Combined

Stewarts is guaranteed roaster fresh. Open a can of our coffee and you will experience a wonderfully strong aroma. Its as if you were standing right next to the giant roasters in our plant. Once brewed, our coffee delivers the richest, smoothest coffee flavor around.

We have continued to follow the same blending and roasting techniques that our grandfather used more than three generations ago, promising that each cup of Stewarts coffee will have the same smoothness and flavor you love. How do we do it? Read on to find out.

Blending Yields Consistency

Because of the many bean variables Stewarts has always believed in blending. It is the art and science of creating the same taste over and over by combining the individual qualities and components of the constantly varying bean tastes.

We Begin With High Quality Beans

Stewarts buys only the finest Arabica beans and only those grown at altitudes of over 4,500 feet. Nearly all of the best coffees are found at the frost line, where the soil and weather conditions are perfect for the maturing bean. Our family has long-standing relationships and exclusive contracts with many growers, ensuring that we get the very best of their crops year after year.

Master Tasters

Grandfather and Father Stewart both possessed the educated palate and sensitive nose to discern the hundreds of subtle taste variables. They also had the “inquisitive” gene, or as some call it, the “mad scientist” gene that gave them the impetus to be forever tweaking and experimenting with the blend. The gene has been passed down and today you are apt to see Don Stewart, Jr. and Robert Stewart walking down the hall to the tasting room wearing a long, white lab coat.

Sampling in the Tasting Room

The tasting room is our laboratory. Here you will find our three small #5 batch roasters and dozens of trays of green coffee bean samples graded by size and density, roasted beans and ground coffee, and a dozen china tasting cups. There is an instrument to measure moisture, weight scales and several burr headed grinders adjusted to specific grinds from course to fine.

We use a long-standing industry method of “cupping” to ensure genuine taste. With one tiny sip Don and Robert, our Master Tasters, know everything there is to know about the flavor, aroma and color of the blend. Our tasters analyze the layers of taste complexity, acidity, body, balance, richness, depth and finish to develop all of the Stewarts blended coffees.


Roasting coffee is an art in itself. Blends are composed of many varieties of beans and each has its’ own characteristics. Each of these varietals are combined painstakingly into a blend and roasted. During the roast, the flavors mix together to form the perfect blend. At Stewarts we pay attention to the all the tiny details of roasting to make sure that each brew is roasted to perfection with a rich smooth taste, and never bitter.

The Freshness Factor

While the quality of the bean, skilled roasting, precision grinding and careful brewing procedures are essential to a fine, consistent cup of coffee; there is one thing that will adversely affect coffee taste. Coffee should also be roaster fresh.

Stewarts believes this is affected by the packaging and storage process. We have developed our coffee containers to hold in roasting freshness, keeping each bean just as flavorful as the first. To make sure your Stewarts coffee is at its freshest, store your coffee in a cool, dry place. If you don’t expect to use your opened can of coffee within two weeks, we recommend you store it in a sealed container in your refrigerator.