Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a comment box on the website?

Our website does not contain a comments box. However, we always love to hear from our customers so you can email your comments to us at [email protected].

What does the date on my coffee can or bag mean?

The date on your Stewarts Coffee can or bag is the packaging date used for tracking purposes. On the can, the first three digits are the day of the year and the last two digits are the year. On the bag, the first three digits are the day of the year and the last digit is the year. An unopened bag of Stewarts coffee will stay fresh for at least a year and an unopened can of Stewarts coffee will stay fresh for at least three years.

Should I refrigerate the coffee to keep it fresher?

We suggest you do refrigerate your coffee after it has been opened. The cold temperatures slow the drying of the coffee oils, which is what causes stale coffee. To enjoy a full flavorful cup of coffee be sure to bring the grounds back to room temperature before you brew it.

Why a blend as opposed to all one varietal?

By blending it allows us to adjust the taste of our coffee, keeping the taste and flavor consistent as our grandfather intended.

Why is Stewarts still packed in the old fashioned can?

Even though the price of the cans continues to rise, we insist on using the can. The vacuum can is the perfect container to keep coffee fresh. Air is completely sealed out, keeping the coffee in an unopened can fresh for at least three years, although we don’t recommend buying coffee that far ahead. When the can is empty it can be recycled or used around the house for a myriad of uses.

Does Stewarts make a one-cup brew or instant coffee?

No, Stewarts does not make a one-cup brew or instant coffee because it compromises the quality of our coffee. We believe that only high quality pure coffee beans brew the best cup of coffee, and Stewarts is dedicated to only bringing you the best. One-cup brews and instant coffee are not 100% pure coffee beans so it goes against Stewarts’ commitment to bringing you a great tasting cup of coffee.

Where do the beans in Stewarts Coffee come from?

Our beans come from various regions in Central and South America and Hawaii. We have long standing relationships and exclusive contracts with our growers, ensuring that we get the very best of their crops each year.