Brewing The Perfect Cup.

Perfection made simple

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is an art anyone can master. It doesn't require fancy equipment or complicated ritual (although they can add to the pleasure of the experience).

If you follow these five easy steps you'll make great coffee every time, whether it's brewed in a tin can over the campfire or a sterling silver urn for a holiday celebration.

Five Easy Steps

1. Use Stewarts Coffee
Great coffee makes great coffee! You won't find a better or fresher coffee than Stewarts. Make sure you bring your coffee grounds to room temperature before brewing for the best tasting cup.

2. Use Good Water
Good water, good coffee; bad water, bad coffee!

Filtered tap water or Artesian spring water is usually good, but mineral water can ruin your brew. Distilled water is always a safe bet because there are no impurities to taint the flavor. But to come right down to it, people have been using regular tap water for years and that is just fine also.

3. Use Good & Clean Equipment
A dirty pot will ruin the lot! Scrub it spotless. Every time you make coffee, a bit of residual oil stays in the pot, it will impart a rancid flavor to your next pot. Also, water can leave mineral deposits. We suggest you clean your pot with nothing more than a non-abrasive sponge with a little baking soda, as soaps and detergents leave a film. Also, for your tea, clean your water kettle often to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits.

4. Measure it Right (to Your Taste)
Coffee strength is a matter of personal preference. Every can of Stewarts Private Blend comes with a "scoon" that measures the perfect amount for a really, really good cup of coffee. If you like it stronger, add more.

5. Brew it at the Right Temperature
Between 200 and 205 degrees F is just right. Most home brewing machines are pre-set and will brew great coffee. As the brewer ages and deposits build up on the heating element, the temperature may tend to drop. It will be noticeable as the coffee will brew up with a lighter taste, as the water is not hot enough to extract the coffee oils efficiently.

Seems simple right? It is. It makes you wonder why it is so hard to find a good cup of coffee nowadays.

Stewarts Family Bean Can and Blending Spoon with Coffee Beans and Grains
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